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Metal braces

Metal braces

A popular and reliable choice with proven results 

At Helix House Orthodontics, we know braces and can offer you treatment from both a Consultant Orthodontist and a Specialist Orthodontist. Both our highly qualified clinicians have many years of experience and numerous happy patients who now love their smiles. 

How do metal braces work?

Braces are used in dentistry to align and straighten your teeth, helping to position them with regard to your bite. Traditional fixed metal braces are still the most common orthodontic appliance fitted by orthodontists in the UK. Our specialist orthodontist and consultant, Naresh Patel, believes they achieve a high degree of control over the final positioning of the teeth and provide a tried and tested route towards enjoying confidence-boosting results.

Fixed metal braces are glued to the surface of your teeth. They are designed to stay there throughout your treatment and guide the movement of your teeth, gently but firmly, into their optimal position. The braces are linked together by a thin wire, known as an archwire, which acts to move the teeth, backed up with elastics to hold the two components together. 

  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces
  • Metal braces

Embrace the brace

Traditional metal braces are the most obvious appliance when worn, particularly compared with invisible options such as Invisalign and Incognito lingual braces, but this doesn’t mean you need to feel self-conscious. Instead, you can wear your braces with pure pride and make them something of a fashion accessory. As an alternative to conventional silver elastics to match the brace, you can choose from a wide selection of vibrant colours. The choice is yours! 

Features of metal braces

  • The metal brackets fitted to the front surface of your teeth are visible but their small size makes them comfortable to wear
  • Tried, true and incredibly successful method of orthodontic treatment
  • Used to fix all types of orthodontic cases, from crowding to spacing
  • Limited impact on your lifestyle, although some dietary changes are required
  • The most affordable orthodontic treatment option 

Why choose metal braces?

There are many benefits to wearing metal braces. Straight teeth boost your confidence, your self-esteem, improve social and professional status and help maintain cleanliness of your teeth and gums.

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Types of braces - Metal (Generic) Braces

Types of braces - Metal (Generic) Braces

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