Orthodontic treatment for 50+

Age is no barrier to looking and feeling your best.

It is often said that life begins at 40. But, with most of us living much longer, it could be argued that 50 is the new 40. So why not embrace your golden years with a brand new smile?

Treatment for 50+

Orthodontic treatment for adults

Braces aren’t just for teenagers, though you may remember having a mouthful of metal in your younger days. While teenage teeth and jaws are certainly more malleable, at Helix House Orthodontics we are able to get great results for our adult patients too.

One of the side effects of getting older is a loss in collagen. This affects the skin, leading to reduced volume and hollows, but it also affects the mouth, making your lower teeth more visible with age. It can also cause your teeth to move and become crooked or loose.

If you have crooked teeth that are bothering you, or perhaps your previously straightened teeth have returned to their original position, we can recommend a course of orthodontic treatment. What’s more, our range of invisible treatment options means your braces won’t be visible.

Treatment for 50+

Healthy teeth and gums

Gum health, which is one of the first things to deteriorate with age, needs to be maintained with regular cleaning, both at home and professionally. We can show you how to manage this at home and recommend the best products for your mouth and well-being.

Treatment for 50+

Treatment for a busy lifestyle

At Helix House, we know our adult patients lead busy lives so we work to ensure you can have the orthodontic treatment that fits in with your lifestyle. One of the ways we achieve this is with dental monitoring, an orthodontic software that enables us to track the progress of your treatment via an app on your smartphone. This means you can travel for work, go on holiday, visit the family and continue to do all that you enjoy without having to fit too many appointments into your diary. Read more about how dental monitoring works on our treatment page.

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