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Orthodontic technology: prepare to be amazed

Orthodontic technology

Have you often stood in front of the mirror grinning at yourself and wondering what it would look like if your teeth were straight? Well, wonder no more. At Helix House Orthodontics, our highly qualified and experienced staff can use the latest orthodontic technology to show you what your perfect smile will look like even before you've started treatment. 

Before and after

See the results firsthand

Orthodontic technology has developed so quickly that it now allows you to see what your teeth will look like after treatment, before you've even had your braces fitted. The 3D imaging software available means our team can scan your teeth and jaws to get an idea of what your teeth will look like once they've moved into position. The best part of it all though? You can see these results for yourself! 

  • iTero digital scanner
  • iTero digital scanner
  • iTero digital scanner

Technology and treatment

At Helix House Orthodontics, our staff are committed to using the latest orthodontic techniques for the benefit of our patients. We want you to receive the very best results, so we look for the very best treatment methods. 

Whether it's using innovative or the latest appliances, such as Invisalign aligners, we're at the cutting edge of orthodontic treatment. 

iTero Intraoral digital scanner

iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner

One of the latest pieces of technology we have in the clinic is the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner. This scanner has made taking impressions of your teeth much easier; it's also more comfortable for you. 

We need to take impressions of your teeth to assess how they sit and the movement required to achieve a straighter position. Previously, taking impressions has required a process whereby moulds are taken of your teeth. 

The iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner does it all electronically in 3D meaning more precise results. What's more, it also allows you to see what your teeth will look like at the end of treatment - even before you've started! 

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